Meet Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Basketball Athlete Kai Davis

We are continuing to highlight our athletes, and this week we are getting to know wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball athlete Kai Davis!

How long have you been playing wheelchair sports?
I have been playing wheelchair basketball for 4 years and wheelchair tennis for 1.

How did you start playing your current sport?
I started playing wheelchair tennis through looking for a cross training for basketball. I started playing wheelchair basketball through a camp at the Alberta children’s hospital called Camp Independence.

What is your favourite sports memory?
My favourite memory out of all my sports is hanging out with my teammates on away and bonding with them.

What do adaptive sports mean to you?
It means I can play sports. I love basketball and tennis but when I try to play stand up I fumble over my legs so now that I can play I’m very happy. So I guess it means happiness

What are your future goals?
My future goals are to make it to the Paralympics.

What would you say to someone who is looking to try wheelchair sports but is nervous?
If someone wanted to join, I would tell them that everybody belongs. It’s a welcoming community to join. You never feel left out. There’s lots of ways you can try it out! Come out and play!

2 thoughts on “Meet Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Basketball Athlete Kai Davis

  1. Way to go Kai. As a mom it is a real treat to be able to cheer you on in sports. Something I didn’t get to do before because I was too worried about your physical well being or how the others treated you because you couldn’t run as fast etc. I know things are hard with the pandemic but just watching you talk about sports I can see your face light up! I’m so grateful for adaptive sports too!

  2. The body can have diminished function due to injury or illness but the spirit can only be diminished by choice. What an excellent choice Kai!! Congratulations on your sports involvement and achievements!!

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