Athlete Spotlight – Katie Bajema

Hometown: Sturgeon County

How were you introduced to the sport? My teammate Annika and my brother convinced me to come out to the summer drop in sessions and give the game a try.

Are you involved in any other sports? Jr. High Track and Field

Pregame meal? A Smoothie!

What is your favorite memory playing wheelchair basketball? Getting my first basket in a game…

What motivates you the most to work hard? My team and my coaches keep me going and encourage me to keep pushing myself during the game.

How are you feeling about the Canada Winter Games? Excited! I’ve never had the opportunity to do something like this before!

How have you been preparing for the Canada Winter Games? Practicing with my teammates!

What is your goal for the Canada Winter Games? To play my best, learn from those around me and be a good teammate!

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to get involved in the sport? Try to learn from those around you and have fun!

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