National Coaches Week: Spotlight on Luis Reyes, Team Alberta Wheelchair Tennis Coach

In celebration of National Coaches Week, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the unwavering dedication and passion of Team Alberta’s Wheelchair Tennis Coach, Luis Reyes. Since diving into the world of adaptive sports in 2018, Luis has demonstrated a thirst for the exhilarating aspects of wheelchair tennis, tapping into his impressive sports background that spans basketball, football, soccer, and hockey.

“I had never played sports in a wheelchair before and as soon as I did I noticed the thrilling part of it!”

What sets wheelchair tennis apart for Luis is the remarkable sense of teamwork and community spirit that permeates every match and tournament. This was evident as athletes proudly represented Alberta at the 2022 wheelchair nationals in Montreal. Luis and the team now have their sights set on this year’s national tournament in Nova Scotia, ready to showcase their skills.

“The team feeling and ‘community’ spirit of this game can truly be seen on display when wheelchair players get together to compete at tournaments.”

Thanks Luis for everything you do for Team Alberta! #ThanksCoach

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