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A membership with Wheelchair Sports Alberta would ensure you the  highest quality coaching and leadership available in the province for wheelchair basketball, para-athletics, wheelchair rugby, para ice hockey, and wheelchair tennis.

WSA encourages athletes of all abilities to get involved. We divide ability levels into the following three categories.

1. Recreation
Programs that would be considered recreational include the weekly Glenrose Drop in Program as well as the WinSport Multi-Sport Adapted Program. Recreational programs are perfect for athletes who are looking to try a variety of different sports or new to the world of wheelchair sports. The programs are not competitive rather focusing on wheelchair sport fundamentals and equal involvement from all.

2. Clubs
Once an athlete feels they have found a sport they enjoy, they are encouraged to join a club. Clubs allow the athlete to learn sport specific skills and improve their game, through drills and games. Athletes in this program may also have the opportunity to travel to regional or national competitions as part of the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball League.

3. Team Alberta
From the club level athletes will have the chance to tryout for Team Alberta. Team Alberta is a pathway to the national team, and a great place for athletes to further improve their skills and game play. Practices and games are more intense, allowing for for greater athlete development.

Members also gain access to WSA’s insurance program, equipment loan program, the ability to try out for Alberta provincial teams, grants, national coaching certification, resource documents and support.

To become a member follow the steps below:

  1. Complete a Membership form for the appropriate membership type
  2. Complete payment through PayPal link
  3. Wait for confirmation email from our Board of Directors confirming that your application was successful

Click to Fill Out Individual Membership Form ($25.00)

Click to Fill out Less than 25 members Form ($200.00)

Click to Fill out Greater than 25 members Form ($350.00)

Membership is open to any individual, athlete, club, official, coach, or board member and begins January 1st and ends December 31st.

If you do not wish to pay online, contact our Executive Director by e-mail or by phone at 780-427-8699.

Before you receive your confirmation e-mail, you are not considered a member under the WSA Bylaws.

Individual Membership: Available to any individual not affiliated to any organizational member. ($25)

Organizational Member: Any local, regional, or sport specific sport organization that offers competitive and or intro sport opportunities for people with spinal chord injuries or other physical disabilities.
(Cost: Less than 25 members $200, Greater than 25 members $350)

Honorary: Status confirmed by the board upon a person who is deserving such honour by virtue by having brought distinction to the association

If you are applying as an organizational member, your membership must be sent to the Executive Director, including your current Bylaws, a current list of officers, current list of members and a current financial statement.