zenith pictureThere are canvassers out campaigning for WSA, some great offers and coupons for family activities will be made available to all who support WSA and our programs.

All canvassers will be wearing a WSA t-shirt, badge, and carrying licensing.

Canvassers will be equipped with wireless interact terminals. Cash, Cheque, Visa, Mastercard are all accepted!

Everyone who supports the campaign will be given an information sheet with a Tasty Saves Subscription card attached.

This card contains a 6 digit access code. The code is used to activate your membership. These codes are also used for inventory control.


If you did not receive a code please contact us by phone or email info@tastysaves.com.

Thanks for all your support! Enjoy the offers!


WSA is a non-profit association with registered charitable status
Canadian Charitable Registration Number 11878 1087 RR0001