Wheelchair Sports Alberta is committed to providing as much opportunity as possible for anyone who wants to participate in para-sports, so we have the following list of potential grants that are available to individuals and clubs within Alberta. As our sports and programs are all running at full capactiy, which we are truely grateful for. Unfortunately, spending the money that we have to on our sports does impact what we are able to fund in our grants. With that being said, the board has made the difficult decision to remove the financial aid and the athletics/tennis specific grants. As we are only able to invest $9,500 into our community we will only be doing one grant cycle this year.

For further information or if you have a question on any of the grants listed below please contact: WSA Executive Director 780-427-8699 / jen@wheelchairsportsalberta.com

Wheelchair Sports Alberta (WSA)Grant Program 

To further the mission of WSA, the board has approved a change to our grant program in 2023. WSA is investing $9,500 into Alberta to aid our athletes and organizations to accomplish their goals. If you have any questions regarding the following grants, do not hesitate to reach out to Jen Sales for further details. Please note that we have one confirmed grant cycle, due August 19, 2023. Please ensure all requests are in on time.

Please submit all completed applications online, before their deadlines.

Once Grant Money has been received and spent, please fill out the Grant Final Report below:

Aug 2023 Grants available applications (Due Aug 18, 2023):

High Performance Grant

Organization Grant

Final Report

Please click here to fill out the final report form

Alberta Grant Opportunities

Government of Alberta – Donation Fund Program 

Government of Alberta – Event Support Grant 

Government of AlbertaCommunity Initiatives Program (CIP) 

Alberta Lottery Fund – Community Spirit Program (CSP) 

Challenged Athletes Foundation 

Charities Outreach and Partnership Program

Rick Hansen Foundation – Individuals Grant 

Rick Hansen Foundation – Organization Grant 

Rural Alberta Development Fund

Additional Funding Opportunities

Wheelchair Basketball Canada – Special Project Funding

Tetra Society of North America

A list of Charity Funding can also be found at Charity Village:

Canadian Foundations 

Government Funding Programs

Corporate Funding Programs