Wheelchair Sports Alberta is committed to providing as much opportunity as possible for anyone who wants to participate in parasports, so we have the following list of potential grants that are available to individuals and clubs within Alberta. A short overview along with links to the application process is provided for each grant. For further information or if you have a question on any of the grants listed below please contact: WSA Executive Director 780-427-8699 / jen@wheelchairsportsalberta.com

A list of Charity Funding can also be found at Charity Village:

Canadian Foundations 

Government Funding Programs

Corporate Funding Programs

2020 Grassroutes Community Support – Innovation Challenge

Current societal conditions merit extraordinary responses and, as such, MAKADIFF Sports, for 2020, will support grant funding requests under its Grassroutes Community Sport Innovation Challenge (Challenge) program that speak expressly to emergent community sport operational support needs.

Wheelchair Sports Alberta (WSA)Grant Program 

To further the mission of WSA, the board has approved a change to our grant program in 2020. WSA is investing $90,000 into Alberta to aid our athletes and organizations to accomplish their goals. If you have any questions regarding the following grants, do not hesitate to reach out to Jen Sales for further details. Please note that we have two confirmed grant cycles for 2020 ending May 15th, 2020 and September 15th, 2020.

Please submit all completed applications online, before their deadlines.

May 15, 2020 available applications:

Financial Need Grant

High Performance Grant

Organization Grant

Tennis and Athletics Performance Grant

September 15, 2020 available applications:

High Performance Grant

Alberta Sport Connection   – Development Initiatives Program 

The Development Initiatives Program is no longer accepting applications. Grant has been suspended until further notice.

Alberta Sport Connection – Donation Fund Program 

The Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation administers the Donation Fund Program, which assists athletes and not-for-profit sport and recreation organizations in obtaining financial support. We review contributions to the donation fund on a quarterly basis. The appropriate provincial association then receives the fund

Alberta Sport Connection – Event Support Grant 

The Event Support Program focuses on sport, recreation, parks and wildlife program development. The program provides financial support to communities and associations to assist them in hosting major events, and as a result, promotes economic growth throughout the province.

Alberta Sport Connection – Above & Beyond Grant 

The Above and Beyond Grant provides support to coaches and officials to pursue educational or developmental opportunities.  Specifically, the grant is intended for a coach or an official that is in a unique situation (apprenticing, geographically isolated, disadvantaged) and who is experiencing extraordinary circumstances. Maximum $2,000

Alberta Sport Connection – Coaches & Officials Visitation Grant 

The Visitation Grant supports provincial associations by offsetting travel and accommodation costs to host an out of province or out of country coach or official.

Alberta Lottery FundCommunity Initiatives Program (CIP) 

The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) provides funds to enhance and enrich community initiatives throughout Alberta. The program is intended to reinvest revenues generated from provincial lotteries in communities, to empower local citizens, and community organizations to work together and respond to local needs. Up to $75,000.

Alberta Lottery Fund – Community Spirit Program (CSP) 

The program is made up of two components – a donation grants and a charitable tax credit. The goal of the program is to increase individual charitable giving. The program is donor-driven, meaning it recognizes and encourages Albertans to support their favorite organizations.

Challenged Athletes Foundation 

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is a worldwide organization that grants up to $2500.00 annually to individuals for equipment, training costs, or travel to competition. This is one of the few grants available for individual athletes. The application is available online at under the program title Access for Athletes, and is due by December 1st.  If the equipment needed is more than $2500.000, a lot of local clubs like Rotary Clubs, Lion’s Clubs, may consider funding the rest.

Charities Outreach and Partnership Program

The Government of Canada recognizes the value of charitable giving and the important contribution that Canada’s more than 83,000 registered charities make towards improving quality of life. The government reaffirmed its support and recognition of the charitable sector by providing funding to non-profit organizations and registered charities to develop and deliver innovative compliance-related education and training to charities.

Rick Hansen Foundation – Individuals Grant 

This grant provides direct funding to individuals with disabilities including spinal cord injury and other injuries, diseases and birth conditions, including (but not limited to) stroke, spina bifida, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who have specific needs that cannot be met by existing programs, services or funding sources. Quarterly Deadlines: June 30, September 30, December 31, March 31

Rick Hansan Foundation – Organization Grant 

Grants are available to organizations defined as Qualified Donees under the Income Tax Act, whose charitable purposes align with those of the Foundation. Before you start the application process, please review the CRA’s definition of a qualified donee to ensure you are eligible to receive a grant as an organization, community, initiative or program. 

Rural Alberta Development Fund

This organization works to help rural communities, regional alliances, and organizations kick-start projects that would contribute to the betterment of rural Alberta. Successful projects must focus on at least one of four pillars: economic growth, community capacity and quality of life, rural health delivery, and learning and skill development.

Once Grant Money has been received and spent, please fill out the Grant Final Report below: