What’s in the Game?

ThinkstockPhotos-139980340You’ll love this sport played in a wheelchair designed to provide great maneuverability and ability to change direction quickly: wheelchair tennis!  Adapted from the able-bodied game for those who have impairment in their lower limbs, tennis provides the perfect challenge for individuals looking for a sport requiring strategy and focus.

The size of the court, ball, and racket in both games remain the same in both versions of the sport, but there are two major differences between the sports. The first is the specially designed chair, and the second is the allowance for the ball to bounce twice and still remain in play. The second bounce can also occur outside of normal court boundaries, however, many skilled wheelchair tennis players only need one bounce to return the ball.

Athlete Classification
There are three categories of wheelchair tennis: Men, Ladies, and Quads. The Quads category is for people with quadriplegia.

Around the World
Wheelchair tennis has been an official Paralympic sport since the Barcelona Summer Paralympic Games in 1992 and is also played at Grand Slam events. There is an international tour as well. The NEC Wheelchair Tennis Tour originated in 1992 with 11 international tournaments but has grown in size and popularity with over 120 events now taking place each year all over the world.

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