If you have a disability, finding new ways to keep physically active can be challenging. Where do you start? What sports can you play? How do you get the right equipment? How do you find a program nearby?

That’s where Bridging the Gap: Getting Physically Active comes in. Bridging the Gap helps Canadians with physical disabilities get involved in wheelchair sports. The program is open to all, regardless of age, fitness level, or injury. As long as you think you would benefit from parasport, you’re welcome to join!


Our Have a Go Days offer a variety of different sports for participants to sample in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Veteran parasport athletes are brought in to demonstrate sports and share their stories of being a physically active person with a disability. The focus of Bridging The Gap is to introduce individuals with physical disabilities to recreational opportunities and promote an active, healthy lifestyle through continued involvement in parasport.

Our Weekly Rehab Sport Programs are an opportunity for potential new members to try out different sports at a recreational level. If they wish to continue to a more competitive level, we can offer support in finding an appropriate team. If they wish to continue at a recreational level, they are encouraged to keep coming to the Weekly Program! Each week, a sport is selected based on the participants in attendance.

Our Development Programs and Clinics help you find a place to train and take those next steps once you have found a sport you love. Whether you want to play on a recreational level or you have dreams of the Paralympics, we can put you in touch with the program closest to you.

Our Mentorship And Other Support offers peer mentorship on both a formal and informal basis. Mentorship and support creates a great way to adapt to life with a newly acquired disability is to meet people who are living with a similar disability.

Our Bridging The Gap Wheelchair Sports & Schools introduces adapted sport to students in schools. This usually involves us coming into the school to conduct a presentation, Q & A session, and Interactive Wheelchair Sports Demonstration that give students a chance to try the featured sport.

For more information please visit the links below:

B-Ball:  https://www.wheelchairbasketball.ca/programs/bridging-the-gap/ 
Rugby:   https://wheelchairrugby.ca/programs/ 
Tennis: http://tennisalberta.com/adult-tennis/wheelchair-tennis/

Barb Adamson – Technical Director
Ph:  780-427-8721
Email: barb@wheelchairsportsalberta.com