Wheelchair Sports Alberta (WSA) is a registered charitable non-profit association responsible for the development and delivery of provincial level sport programs and services throughout Alberta. Specific sports that fall under the WSA umbrella include wheelchair basketballpara athleticswheelchair rugbysledge hockey, and wheelchair tennis.

Our Mission
To facilitate sporting opportunities for Albertan’s living with physical impairments and/or wheelchair athletes to develop and compete at all levels from club to national.

Our Vision
To achieve excellence through parasport.

Our Values
Opportunity, Support, Empowerment, Excellence

Our Services:

Club Request Program – WSA has a positive working relationship with all the clubs in the province. When a club wants to host a tournament or clinic, WSA likes to assist.

Coaching and Officiating Program – WSA aids in the development of new and experienced coaches and officials who require assistance to further their training.

Equipment Rental Program – WSA rents specialized equipment to its members for a small fee. We loan racing and sport chairs, rollers, and sports equipment to developing athletes so that no one is excluded from participating in sport.

Insurance – WSA provides affordable insurance for all its members, covering general accident and third party liability for all training and competition activities.

Scholarship Program – WSA provides financial assistance to Alberta’s top developing and elite athletes. Our scholarships and bursaries assist athletes in training, competition, and equipment expenses.

Training Assistance Program (TAP) – The TAP program provides assistance for athletes to attend approved WSA training and development camps, clinics and workshops


WSA’s Monthly Giving program helps to support athletes along the entire development spectrum. We support athletes at first contact through to the national level. These donations help to fund Have-A-Go Days, developmental camps, and Team Alberta (for all 5 sports) to represent our province at National competitions. Wheelchair Sports Alberta and our athletes would not be as successful as we are without the continuous support from our monthly donors. To donate please click on the Canada Helps button, or click here.

Some other ways to support WSA:

  • donate via our Telemarketing program
  • support us through our Door to Door Campaign  Please Note WSA’s door to door campaign has been on hold until further notice as of March 6, 2020. Thank you to all of our donors for their constant support. We will get through this together.
  • one time donation through our “Canada Helps” button, or by clicking here
  • mail us a donation (Please make cheques payable to “Wheelchair Sports Alberta” or phone  (780) 427-8699 / toll free at 1-888-453-6770)

Wheelchair Sports Alberta
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6 Canada

Thank you for your continuous support and generous donations.